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Fully Inspired Blog

Self Confidence

Hey Fully Inspired Fam! This week’s affirmation is focused on self confidence. When I look in the mirror, the only person looking back at me is ME. What I think of myself during that moment is monumental. It sets the tone for, not only my day, but my life. So often, we spend time worried about what others think of us when what we should be doing is focusing on what WE think of ourselves. If we experience negative self thoughts, we have to CHECK ourselves, explore the root of where this belief came from and reprogram our thoughts. Here are 3 ways to reprogram your thoughts:

1. Acknowledge the negative thoughts that you have about yourself. Its easier to use distraction as a method to push those thoughts out of your head, but that doesn’t stop the negative emotions that come with them. Sometimes you might find yourself easily agitated or annoyed without knowing why. Take a moment to acknowledge the thoughts you have about yourself.

2. Confront your thoughts by exploring the root of those beliefs. Where did they come from? When did they begin? How have they shown up in your life? How have they served you? Or How have you served the beliefs?

3. Exchange the thoughts/beliefs for a positive thought/belief. Many times when we hold on to negative beliefs, we maximize an entire experience. For example, we may say, “I’m horrible at math.” Well, there are several types of math; are you really horrible at all types of math. Break down the belief and identify the strengths you do have in that area and begin to exchange that thought.

Now, say the affirmation with me one more time, out loud and with confidence!